Spring Creek Private School

14855 Spring Creek Road
Dallas, Texas 75248
(972) 239-0096

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Meet the Director and Staff

Marcia Wentz is the founder and director of Spring Creek Private School. She is proud to be in the school – all day every day – working side-by-side with your child’s teachers.

Your child’s instructors are the heart of the Spring Creek family. We’ve recruited the most caring, most dedicated and most energetic childcare teachers in Texas, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Robbin R. Finley

Age group: Late twos and early threes
"Mrs. Robbin” has more than two decades of teaching experience and joined Spring Creek in 2005. She has always felt a strong calling to work with children and knows she’s right where she belongs every time she hears, “Yea! Mrs. Robbin is here!”

Asma Bheda

Age group: Twos
“Amma” has been working with children for over a decade and joined our team in 2006. She thrives on helping many different personalities learn to get along and lives for giggles.

Cionie Henderson

Age group: Infant to 18 months
With more than 10 years experience caring for infants, “Ms. Cionie” is a baby expert and has a way with them that is almost magical. She knows there is no better way to spend her days than holding and caring for our youngest children.

Dionne E. Cole

Age group: Fours
“Ms. Dionne” came to Spring Creek in 2004, three years into her teaching career. Her greatest reward comes in seeing the pride on her students’ faces when they learn something new.

Tangela E. Parker

Age group: Fives
After more than a decade caring for and teaching children, “Mrs. Tangela” has grown to look forward to the smiles from children and parents alike that come when her students learn and grow. Embracing her students’ families helps her support their educational advancement.

Destiny S. Howard

Age group: Toddlers
“Ms. Destiny” has been working with children for more than a decade. Sharing “light bulb moments” with her students is the highlight of each day. She loves the supportive family feel of being part of the Spring Creek staff.

Markeisha Jackson

Age group: Threes
After more than six years in childcare and teaching, “Ms. Keisha” knows it’s where she belongs. She is happiest when helping children expand their minds and explore their world.

The Spring Creek Learning Philosophy

Your child’s day at Spring Creek will be filled with wonder as she draws, plays, paints and sings in an atmosphere where children are free to learn and explore.

To create the most nurturing environment possible, our curriculum and activities are centered around the Spring Creek Learning Philosophy.

We believe…

  • …each child should be recognized as an individual and encouraged to reach his or her full potential.
  • …all children have the right to a caring and nurturing environment where they are encouraged to develop emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.
  • …children should have an opportunity to express their feelings and emotions in an appropriate way while showing respect for authority and the rights of others.
  • …our students should be accepted as they are, not for what they have or what they can do.
  • …in promoting lifelong learning and celebrating the talents and gifts of each child.