Spring Creek Private School

14855 Spring Creek Road
Dallas, Texas 75248
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The Spring Creek Private School Curriculum

High Reach Learning

Our High Reach Learning curriculum is a thematic curriculum based on the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on activities that address the needs of the whole child.

With a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities, High Reach Learning uses themes to introduce information. Learning takes place as a child explores and manipulates real objects and events.


As they eagerly learn to be independent, toddlers are developing new skills like walking, talking, and self-discovery. Our curriculum encourages discovery by building vocabulary and exploring imagination.


The independent streak they developed as toddlers continues as always on the go two-year-olds begin to learn on their own. We provide a rich learning environment where we expand our vocabularies, express creativity, and safely discover the world around us.


"I can do it!" We build on our new confidence through integrated, hands-on activities. We use experimentation and exploration to build higher-level thinking, language, math, social, and motor skills.

A Beka Curriculum (Four Years and up)

A Beka, a phonics based curriculum, helps students learn to read at age 4, before they ever start kindergarten. Your child receives a complete phonics course, giving them a foundation to “sound out” nearly any unknown word with ease. Most of our children are reading independently within just a few months. The curriculum includes math, science, writing, social studies, and reading.



Stretch-n-Grow is an early childhood program designed to promote exercise and wellness among young children. Classes are taught by highly trained instructors and will:

  • Enhance your child’s motor skills
  • Improve his/her coordination
  • Encourage self-esteem through non-competitive activities
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness, strength & flexibility
  • Develop your child’s cognitive skills through academic lessons
  • Teach the importance of good nutrition
  • Promote a love of exercise

Your child will learn about fitness and wellness, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Music Program

We designed our music program to engender a love for music as a form of entertainment and expression. To offer a well-rounded musical experience, we explore a variety of genres and cultural influences. Colorful puppets and other props encourage fun and engagement. Our music program is included with your child’s tuition.

Contact Spring Creek about fees for any of the following programs:

Floppy’s Mouse Club

The Floppy’s Mouse Club is an early computer education designed to introduce our students to the magical world of computers. Your youngster will learn valuable computer skills, gain confidence and have fun in an instructor-led environment.

Starting at age 2, children will learn the basics of computers, including computer terminology, computer etiquette, mouse control, opening/closing programs, using a keyboard and saving files.

Parents Night Out

Each month, Spring Creek gives parents a little time to reconnect. Parents’ Night Out is the second Friday of each month. Our staff and director will remain onsite until midnight. Consult with director for current pricing.

Dance Instruction

We partner with a nearby dance studio to give our students a chance to explore their creativity through dance instruction.